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Security Ideas for a High End Jewelry Store

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If you are operating a jewelry store with high value items, then it is absolutely essential that you secure your store. You don't want to be the victim of a smash and grab, an armed hold up, or a nighttime burglary. The following are some security ideas that you should implement to safeguard your inventory and your staff.

Shatterproof Windows

You might want to swap out the old windows for new shatterproof windows. It's not unheard of for thieves to smash the windows to steel a Rolex, diamond bracelet, or just grab whatever they can get. The windows are protected at night by large steel gates, but during the day they are a prime target for thieves. These thieves might not even bother to try and get inside. If your store is located on a street (instead of in a mall) then the thieves can drive up on a motorcycle, jump off, smash the windows and then ride off without even entering the store. Shatterproof windows will solve this problem.

Buzzer Door Entry System

The door to your jewelry store must not be open to the general public. You need to restrict who and how many can enter your store. A mob might rush the store and do a smash and grab, or a single armed gunman might show up. You want a security system installed that will allow you to open and lock the door from a distance. You can have your employee remain behind the counter and look up to see who is entering the store.

Alarm System Connected To The Local Police Department

There are times when the thieves will gain entry. Sometimes they will present a deceptive appearance, other times an employee might not be cautious enough, but the fact remains that thieves can get in past the buzzer. So, when they are in the store you need to have an alarm system. The system should be composed of a few parts. First, the glass display cases need to be wired so that if they break, the alarm sounds and the police are notified. This will deal with smash and grabs. However, you also need to have a panic button that will alert the police if the employee hits it. This is in the event someone enters and brandishes a gun. They might not break the glass (fearing it's wired to an alarm) and instead ask the employee to empty the cases. Speak with the alarm system installers and discuss where to place the alarm button. There should be several buttons, not just one, so that the employee can access it without making an awkard and obvious movement.