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Easy Ways To Eliminate Unwanted Mail And Robo Calls From Your Life

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Are you tired of receiving tons of spam mail and robo calls? You may get at least one spam mail a day to your email address, several calls throughout the week, and even some traditional snail mail delivered directly to your door. If you are tired of being bothered, do not wait to take action. There are many things you can do to stop the harassment and avoid the spam altogether.

Mark Messages as Spam

Although some email services help to weed out spam messages that you receive to your inbox, some spam messages may still find their way to your actual inbox. As soon as you see a message that you are clearly not interested in, mark it as spam so that you do not have to deal with it again. If the sender chooses to write out another message and send it from the same email address, it will go straight to the spam folder.

Use an App to Block Robo Calls

Robo calls have become increasingly bothersome over the past few years. You may have random numbers calling you at all different times of the day with recorded messages that you are not interested in hearing at all. If you are tired of receiving these calls because they are disturbing your peace, consider downloading an app to your phone that blocks the robo calls. The app intercepts the calls after quickly identifying the number as a number that is commonly used for spam purposes. Now you no longer have to hear your phone ring when it is someone you do not know. Stealth Mode App has more information on how to block robocalls.

Eliminate the Junk Mail

If you are getting some traditional junk mail delivered to your home, consider contacting the company that sent the mail in the first place. Ask them to take you off of their mailing list. It is a waste of paper for them to send out something in the mail that you are not interested in and are only planning to throw out. If you are getting random magazines delivered to your home, contact them and cancel the subscription, even if it is free. If you have no interest in the magazines that are being delivered to your home, it is truly a waste, so it makes sense to reach out to the provider to have your name quickly removed from the subscription list.

Once you take these necessary steps, you may stop getting as many email messages, snail mail messages, and phone calls.